Day 4 on Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course

Here are some pictures from a very long day with Doug Fattic, Herbie Helm and my fellow student, Bill:

Crisp BB shoreline

Fork crown brazed to steerer, now to braze dropouts into fork blades.

This is how we made 'em.

Loading up the plug-in dropouts with bits of silver.

Doug sets up the fork blades for brazing.

After "sweating" the joint with a flame.

Time for the shoeshine sanding with emery strips.

Luvly Jubbly

Getting the seat tube aligned with a surface gauge. We listen for a tick in two places as it just scrapes over the top.

Doug sets up the Nova fork bender.

Measuring the rake with a ruler, a "123 block" and the corner of Doug's jig.

When both fork blades match the desired rake, we cut the blades squarely to the right length, allowing for the tyre radius & mudguard clearance, and put them into the Anvil fork jig.

Doug gives us a brazing demo.

I gave my fork crown some blacksmithing to improve the fit with a brass hammer. Brass doesn't mark the steel as much as it's softer.

Herbie Helm showing us brass brazing of the rear dropouts.

fork crown after brazing.

Brass brazing

Blob it on..

..Then file it back to a scalloped finish.

Herbie teaching me some brass tricks.

I learned a lot from Herbie today. He is one calm and patient man.

Doug shows us how he brazes top eyes onto seat stays.

Here the silver has been flowed from inside.

Fillet brazing with brass.

Nice smooth fillet.

Doug uses a part of a frame to demonstrate how he positions and moves things when brazing with lugs, and how he progresses around the lug. Bill and I took lots of notes.

Well, it’s 1.25 am here, So I’m turning in now.  Stay tuned Y’all!

2 Comments on “Day 4 on Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course”

  1. Will Wilkinson says:

    So very interesting stuff from my middle brother, learning a serious trade!!

    Looking forward to seeing all that knowledge put into action when you get back!

    Keep up the good work/blogging!

    P.S. I’m trying to give this site a mention on Twitter every now and then… you should set up a wilkinsoncycles twitter account buddy!!

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