Day 5 of Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course

Here are some pics from today’s efforts in the workshop..

My front triangle in the Doug Fattic frame jig!

Tacking the main tubes in place with brass.

I've tacked the tubes to hold them all in place so I can take the front triangle out of the jig and finish fillet brazing.

The down tube is tacked into the BB shell with silver.

My first ever fillet braze..

I had to keep turning the frame in the vice so that the molten brass would sit in the crease of the mitre, and not run off.

Filing an 8 degree mitre in the chainstay where it will enter the BB shell. the H tool is in the dropout below the vice to help me file straight at 90 degrees.

Checking post-braze frame alignment/twist with a surface gauge on the table..


Close-up of the plate on the surface table, another treasure from Johnny Berry's Manchester workshop. Now in Niles, Michigan.

Made in Chelmsford.

A lighter surface table, made of aluminium. This can be moved by humans.

a trip to the supermarket at lunchtime..

I ordered this BB shell from Ceeway, UK, and took it to the USA. I had to file the chainstay sockets to let the stays move up a bit and achieve my desired BB drop. The surface rust is only a very thin layer - caused by soaking off the flux in hot water after brazing. It's honest American rust..

Using a "T tool" to hold the chainstays at the desired position and spacing. The stays can be cold set left and right....

..and then a Park alignment tool can be used to check that the dropouts are centred.

A well-trued wheel is used to fine-tune the rear end.

The fillets look nice after a buzz with the Dynafile.

Herbie shows me how to hold a seat binder in position for tacking.

Seatstay held in place with a heavy weight and rubber bands.

Doug doin' his thing.

Yeah, I know, I'll put them on..

Next stop New York City.  Hope to see you there.

3 Comments on “Day 5 of Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course”

  1. Steffan Davies says:

    Ain’t fillet brazing just the most wonderfully satisfying thing? I am more or less fluorescing with envy here 🙂

  2. Will Hilliard says:

    can i place an order for a Wilkinson track frame upon your return? this looks sweet, hope you’re having a great time!

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