New York City

So after staying at Michael’s house in Chicago, I got the bus to Chicago O’Hare airport and checked in.

United Airlines charged me a $100 handling fee for the Brompton, even though it was in something the size of a suitcase and my only checked luggage. And after their baggage department expressly told me that there would be no charge when I called them, and they didn’t charge me when I came into the US via 2 flights with them. Oh well.

It costs $100 to put this on a conveyor belt.

I got to NYC with the Brompton with no problems,  and take the subway to Brooklyn.  I’m staying with the very hospitable maker of lovely bikes that is Lance Mercado of SquareBuilt.

3 Comments on “New York City”

  1. Saga says:

    Nice to see all is good, even when they try to fox you.

    Happy Monday from sunshine island

  2. Axel says:

    They charge 70 Euros for the Brompton on flight in EU too. Worst part is, all bikes are regarded as “sporting goods”.

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