Andy Newlands – Strawberry Cyclesport, Portland, Oregon

Andy Newlands has a great workshop in a nice part of Portland, and also is the US representative for the Italian bike fixture & tool manufacturer Marchetti – I had a look around yesterday..

A good sign at Portland International Airport.

Marchetti Frame fixture. There's lots of room to weld or braze around the frame due to the distance from the board that the tubes are held.

The tubes sit 500 mm off the board.

Marchetti tube mitring machine. Or mitering machine if you're American.

Detail of coolant hoses and mitre cutter.

Andy had a lot of praise for this handy stool with integrated tool tray..

This big torch throws out some serious BTU's per hour for BB shells or fork crowns.

This is Andy's design. This is a plastic prototype made by a 3D part printer from a CAD file.

Here's the finished item, cast by Long Shen.

Marchetti fork fixture

Detail of fork fixture.

Marchetti frame alignment table. The BB clamp is operated by air from the compressor.

Andy showed me this compressor, which uses a rotary screw instead of pistons, so is much quieter and preferable for home shop use.

BB clamp detail on alignment table.

This part is used to hold the seat tube still after it's aligned, so that the top tube can then be aligned if necessary without affecting the seat tube.

These extended bars can be used to correct misalignments in the head tube. A dial gauge is set up at the top of the picture to measure the alignment.

Alignment table overview. Dropout alignment tools can be seen bottom right.

Sandblasting booth

A typed response to Andy's 1971 letter to Carlton Cycles, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, UK.

2nd page.

Andy is a very hospitable man; as well as inviting me out to a great dinner party the other night, I was also given a tour around some of the local sights in Portland.  Tomorrow he’s going to drive me to some more workshop tours in Portland, including Chris King.  Check out Andy’s website here:

Andy also founded the only framebuilders’ non profit trade group on the planet; the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association (OBCA) in 2007:
And here’s a link to the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show, run by the OBCA:

Also still to come on my Portland visit:  Vanilla Bicycles / Map Bicycles / Ti Cycles / United Bicycle Institute.

Ok, it’s getting late now.  Good night.

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