Mitch Pryor – Map Bicycles

Yesterday I cycled down to N.Page Street, Portland, to pay a visit to Mitch Pryor of Map Bicycles.  I had a good excuse to gatecrash Mitch’s workshop as I’d bought a lug vice from Herbie Helm while I was going up and down the East Coast, and Herbie sent the vice to his friend Mitch so that I could pick it up when I got to Portland.

The Map Bicycles shop.

Mitch shares this space with Joseph Ahearne of Ahearne Cycles.

Mitch went to study frame building with Doug Fattic in 2004, and uses Doug’s frame jig:

The Doug Fattic frame jig.

Mitch moved to this space 4 years ago, when it was empty, but now there is a bike store at one end of the building, Metropolis Cycles, and 2 other cycle-related people have also moved in recently next door.

Map downtube logo.

Map head badge

Mitch also makes very fine racks; made from 4130 chromoly tubing, which comes from a company called Dillsberg in Pennsylvania in 8ft lengths.

Brazed custom front racks.

The racks must be sanded and polished very carefully, as the chrome-plating will not hide any file marks, etc.  Mitch told me that there are 3 chrome platers in the Portland area.

Map pannier racks

Cantilever brake bosses.

The cantilever bosses are put on with the help of the Anvil canti-boss jig:

Anvil canti boss jig. The bottom part attaches to the dropouts where the axle would be.


A couple of frames on the wall. Several more were at the paint shop.

The stem on this bike was nickel plated.

Ahearne bike. Sorry, not my best photography.

My next stop is Vanilla Bicycles.

2 Comments on “Mitch Pryor – Map Bicycles”

  1. Tacoma White says:

    Those brass hammers are probably available from Brownell’s, a well-known gun parts/tools catalog. They may have other useful items in there as well.

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