I’m now back in London..

Now that I’ve arrived home in the UK I have until the end of September to complete a report based on my findings during the US frame building trip.  I aim to educate, encourage and inspire,  but also to promote appreciation of the building of quality bike frames in the UK. 

It was great to visit Bespoked, Britain’s first hand built bike show just after my return to England.

I’ve also found myself a proper workshop in London, which I’m sharing with Ryan and Alex.

When I’ve completed and submitted my report (which will be available to the public), I will have completed my travelling fellowship with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust .

Me in the Hackney Gazette, although I'm actually on the right..

To read the blog posts for each individual part of my trip, please use the links below (they’ll open in a new window):

Chicago (Owen Lloyd, Michael Catano, Bubbly Dynamics Frame Builders’ Co-operative)

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 1

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 2

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 3

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 4

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 5

Biking around Brooklyn (Johnny Coast, Horse Cycles)

Squarebuilt Custom Bicycles & Bamboo Bike Studio, Brooklyn

Philadelphia Excursion (Engin Cycles, Wissahickon Cyclery, Simon Firth, Bilenky, Via Bicycle)

Sputnik Tool

Richard Sachs

Serrotta, Seven Cycles & Independent Fabrication (Factory tours)

Geekhouse Bikes

Peter Weigle

Mike Flanigan / Ant Bikes

Andy Newlands / Strawberry Cyclesport

Chris King – Factory tour

Dave Levy – Ti Cycles

Mitch Prior – Map Bicycles

Vanilla Bicycles

Rob Tsunehiro

United Bicycle Institute, Portland Oregon

3 Comments on “I’m now back in London..”

  1. Mike Owen says:

    Great blog and thanks for the update which I found out about via BikeEadar. Hope it all goes well, I don’t know if I got to talk to you at Bespoked (I was working on the stand with Paulus Quiros), if not hopefully you’ll be taking part in it next year…

  2. John Clay says:

    Wonderful trip, great photos and documentation. Some of the amateurs would have been interesting as well!


    You’ve got some fine builders in the UK, and over on the continent too.

  3. thanks for sharing… it was so nice meeting you yesterday !
    so, are you taking orders to build custom frames?
    let’s start this rolling, I can put my first order

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