Getting on with it.

I’ve made some progress with my 3rd frame build.  Here are the pictures:

These are my fork ends. I'm going to cut the rack mounts off them but keep the mudguard mounts. One is done already in this picture.

Filing them smooth after cutting.

Bending my fork blades in the bender I made. Not 100% happy with the curve I get, but it's not too bad.

Checking the fork rake against my home-made gauge. I want 43mm of rake. There are lines to centre the blade so it's straight.

Cutting the blades to length.

Finding the straightest side of the seat tube. The worst side will be used in the fore and aft plane of the frame to minimise lateral misalignment.

My seat tube is brazed into the bottom bracket shell after tacking and checking alignment.

Oh yeah, and they let me try out brazing a bottom bracket assembly at work a few weeks back - here it is (it was rejected)... Come off it, it was my first one!

Here's my fork held in the Wilk-O-Matic SPX-3000 De-luxe laminate construction steel-reinforced fork jig that I made in my kitchen 3 years ago. My workshop mate Ryan's just bought a proper fork jig so perhaps if I ask nicely next time I can use that..

The bits 'n' bobs so far.. The top tube will have internal cable routing.

After brazing in the fork legs. The flux got a little tired and began to darken after I chased around the shorlelines with the flame, but I'm confident that I didn't overheat the joints as the steel didn't go red. It cleaned up nicely.

I’ve done quite a bit more on the frame at the time I upload this, so there are more pictures to come when I take my camera to the workshop.

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