A Visit to Reynolds Technology.

Andy Newlands and I went to visit the Reynolds factory in Birmingham. Andy will be distributing their tubing in the US.

Here are some (not great) pictures that I took with my phone. My favourite machine was the reeler. It plasticly deforms the tube between two offset metal reels so that the internal butting mandrel can be pulled out.

The weirdest thing was, the whole factory smelled like Reynolds tubing!


Reeling Machine


Drawing tubes


Fork blade benders


Keith Noronha shows us some tapered tubes.


Swaging machine.


Racks of assorted swaging mandrels.


Feeding the machine..


Lots of tubing dies. Tubes are drawn through these to set the outside diameter. They have to be routinely checked and replaced if worn.



Always good to see a fly press.


A stack of tube mandrels.

One Comment on “A Visit to Reynolds Technology.”

  1. Very interesting to see those machines. The thickness of the sides of that tube drawing machine is quite impressive. Sturdy things…

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