On the weekend shift at Brompton..

So I decided to move to the weekend brazing shift at the Brompton Factory.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7-5.  Now I can spend much more time on my own projects.


I was brazing in the Main Frame Final bay today.  I made 109 main frame assemblies.

Also, for my own workshop, I picked up an old US-made Walker-Turner drill press. The guy who sold it to me said it was in his family for 50 years, and made in the 1940s.
It had a little surface rust, but I gave it some love..



Should be good for another 70 years. It runs like a whisper and is very rigid.


My friend John has been giving me some good tuition in using the Bridgeport mill and the lathe.

I’ll publish another post when I’m more settled into the new place.