Moulton rack repair

I did this rack tube replacement for a local bike shop.  I’m getting quite a lot of interest in frame repairs at the moment.

This is a Moulton Super Four bike.  The rack tube doesn’t pierce the seat tube like on the larger models, thankfully.

A probable casualty of carrying a pillion passenger, the original main rack tube was bent down, sheared and corroded. I forgot to take a picture of the original condition, but you get the idea.  It took a lot of pulling and setting of the other rack members and I also filled a few dents with brass.  I had to take measurements for the pump peg locations. the rear of the tube had to be ovalised in a vice with my plywood tube ovaliser.

Moultonframe Moulton frame rear Moulton frame under Moulton braze closeup Moulton pumppeg



4 Comments on “Moulton rack repair”

  1. Ped says:

    Hey Matt,
    Nice work! I’ve done a couple of repairs recently myself. One on a 1950’s holdsworth and another on something called an ‘On One’ whatever that is. Both made from gas pipe though!
    I love the Walker Turner drill BTW, I’ve got one that also needs some work. I have a manual if you want a copy?

    • Cheers Ped, good to hear from you. I replaced the belt on my drill press. Seems to work fine although getting the top bearing retainer thingy out was initially hard due to corrosion. I cleaned it up though. Wouldn’t mind a look at that manual..

      • Ped says:

        I’ll dig it out for you. You have the same bit missing that I do, the middle pulley. It’s what that central hole is for. This allows you to run two short belts and a much wider range of speeds. As you probably found out already, over 5mm and it turns too fast!

      • Yeah I know the middle pulley setup would be nice. I wonder what the chances of finding one are? It would be nicer to go slower for bigger drills. At least I have the Bridgeport out the back. Just moved workshop again. No more steps!

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