USA Frame Building Tour

In November 2010 I applied for a WCMT travelling fellowship. I wanted to visit the USA with the aim of visiting frame builders, to learn how they approached the craft and business of frame building in preparation for establishing my own workshop. I was keen to meet with accomplished frame builders, especially those that had completed their apprenticeships in England during the seventies. I also wanted to meet some of the new kids on the block, to find out what inspired them and how they worked.

The start of my trip: Chicago looms large.

In April 2011 I flew to Chicago to start my visit.  I travelled to nine states and met around thirty frame builders. I had an incredible time, found it very informative and appreciated how generous and willing people were to talk to me about frame building.

In accordance with the terms of the fellowship I also prepared a report which includes some information including a survey of US frame builders that’s not included in my blog.

You can download the report pdf from the WCMT website.

Whilst I was travelling I documented my trip on this blog. To read the blog posts for each individual part of my trip, please use the links below (they’ll open in a new window):

Chicago (Owen Lloyd, Michael Catano, Bubbly Dynamics Frame Builders’ Co-operative)

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 1

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 2

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 3

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 4

Doug Fattic’s Frame Building Course Day 5

Biking around Brooklyn (Johnny Coast, Horse Cycles)

Squarebuilt Custom Bicycles & Bamboo Bike Studio, Brooklyn

Philadelphia Excursion (Engin Cycles, Wissahickon Cyclery, Simon Firth, Bilenky, Via Bicycle)

Sputnik Tool

Richard Sachs

Serrotta, Seven Cycles & Independent Fabrication (Factory tours)

Geekhouse Bikes

Peter Weigle

Mike Flanigan / Ant Bikes

Andy Newlands / Strawberry Cyclesport

Chris King – Factory tour

Dave Levy – Ti Cycles

Mitch Prior – Map Bicycles

Vanilla Bicycles

Rob Tsunehiro

United Bicycle Institute, Portland Oregon

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