Stoked at Bespoked..

At the UK Handmade Bike Show, Bespoked, I won the Best New Builder award for my “Wilkinson Mixed Gear” bike:

Photo by Kayti Peschke.

Here are some more pictures I took of my bike:


Polished stainless front mech band – protects paint and looks cleaner when removed for singlespeed mode.

IMG_1760 copy

My “Wilkinson Mixed Gear” dropouts.


Mudguard extension tube allows for a more rearward wheel in tour mode.


The Wilkinson Wheel Carrier - compatible with lawyer tabs!

The Wilkinson Wheel Carrier – compatible with lawyer tabs!

Removable shifter bosses pass through a stainless tube inside the downtube.

Removable shifter bosses pass through a stainless tube brazed inside the downtube.


Seat cluster


Stencil-painted logo


Touring mode!


Singlespeed/fixed mode!

fixedrightcopy forkwindowcopy

Here’s an article listing the winning bikes in all the categories:

Thanks to:

My girlfriend Saga for all her help, without which I’d have had a nervous breakdown.

Dan Hamilton – for the CAD drawings for my dropouts.

John Discombe – for all the help with the jigs so I could make my dropouts.

Peter Flynn – for doing a great job with the paint.

Ryan McCaig – for letting me borrow the odd tool and sharing the acetylene.

Dan Fennings – for doing the CAD for the wheel carriers.

Tamsin – for commissioning Wilko 3 and coming up to the Bristol show.

My mum – for lending me the car.

Mike Salmon – for putting us up in Bristol and making us feel at home.

Sarah and James at Brixton Cycles – for letting me use the headset tools.

Peter at Ceeway for sponsoring the prize of a frame tube set.

Columbus for sponsoring the other prize of a carbon fork.

And everyone who came up and chatted, prodded the bike or squeezed the tyres.  It was a great show.

Bye for now.


2 Comments on “Stoked at Bespoked..”

  1. Steff says:

    I’ll say it again: delighted for you. In particular, good on you for not letting the grumpy old men of the framebuilders list put you off a clever design.

  2. […] etc. All round great guy. He shares his workshop with Matt Wilkinson, who's just starting out and won 'Best New Builder' at the recent Bespoke show in Bristol. He has to work full-time elsewhere, though, and doesn't yet get that much time to build bikes. I […]

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